Cloud, Data, Security

Sakura Sky provides cloud, data, and security services to the world’s leading brands.
Our global team provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration support, machine learning and data science, Cybersecurity, and training services.
Sakura Sky is headquartered in San Francisco with a delivery footprint across Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

What We Do

Cloud Practice

CloudOps, Architecture, APIs & Microservices

We architect, build, release, and manage workloads, systems and platforms in the Cloud.

Our teams can define your Cloud strategy, perform suitability analysis, document the approach, and build your business case. We will orchestrate your deployment, support and manage your workloads, and be there when you need to grow and adapt.

As a trained and certified partner of Google Cloud Platform and AWS, we have assisted many organizations migrate or deploy their essential services to the Cloud. We’ll find the right solution to ensure maximum affordability with the ability to scale massively to meet market demands.

  • Cloud Architecture
  • CloudOps
  • Lift & Shift
  • Migration
  • APIs & Microservices
  • Containers & Kubernetes
Data Practice

DataOps, Data Engineering, AI & Machine Learning

Through our certified expertise and platform partnerships, Sakura offers expertise in analytics and tools, data warehousing, predictive analytics, segmentation modeling, artificial intelligence, analytics project management and implementation. We specialize in platforms such as Cassandra, DataStax, Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and Cloud APIs.

We define, design, and deliver data science microservices, Machine Learning products, and systems. Selecting the right platform to suit your use case is difficult, we are here to help cut through the marketing spin and identify the solutions that will work for you, our advisory team are here when you need the right implementation with the right skills to ensure success.

McKinsey reports that 80% of people have found that AI/ML has helped increase revenue. Sakura Sky is at the forefront of revenue gains for our customers with our Data Engineering and Machine Learning specialists.
While Statista reported the biggest challenges to machine learning adoption include scaling up (43%) and versioning of ML models (41%). Sakura Sky customers have seen rapid acceleration of their initiatives with our unique approach and we get our customers to market 2x faster.
Security Practice

SecOps, Pen Testing, Cybersecurity & Forensices

Our trained and certified Cybersecurity specialists assist our clients with assessments, policy generation, technical training, compliance, incident response, and forensics.

From Cybersecurity assessments, to cloud security architecture, code reviews, penetration testing, and full incident response capabilities, Sakura can assist and support you throughout your entire business life cycle to reduce risk, improve security, and ensure compliance.

  • Security Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Incident Response
  • Policy & Governance
  • Training

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